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A Message from the President

Your union membership is like a membership to the gym…
it’s only as good as your ACTIVE participation. 

The Trifecta

Yes on Prop 55!
Yes on Bond WV!
Yes on District Of Choice! (DOC)

Congratulations!  The probable winning ticket has fallen into your hands.  Are you going sit on the sidelines or will you be actively participating to make it happen?  Why should you participate?
 1) Prop 55 prevents $4 billion in cuts to public education. It extends the current tax rate for the wealthiest 2% of Californians for 12 years.  It is NOT a tax increase.  It’s vital that we work to pass Prop 55 so we are not faced with the cuts we did a few years ago. What can you do?
       A) You can join WVEA at the Walnut Valley Family Festival to hand out flyers on Oct. 8
       B) You can participate in phone banking and precinct walking
       C) You can post on social media and tell your family and friends to vote Yes On Prop 55
2) Bond Measure WV provides our district the ability to modernize our schools.  We may not agree with everything that is on the project list but some work is better than none.  It will benefit our students and many of you.  Without the bond, the district will need to use more money from the general fund to maintain facilities, which leaves less for negotiations. There is a lot of concern about spending money on facilities that may be closed if District of Choice is not extended.  However, it is the responsibility of the District and Community to maintain the facilities if the state is not going to do it. I made it clear to Dr. Taylor and the bond committee that you were not interested in phone banking or precinct walking so here is what you can do to help pass Bond WV.
       A) You can hand out flyers after school
       B) You can join WVEA at the Walnut Family Festival on Oct. 8 to hand out flyers
       C) You can sign postcards that will be mailed to the community
3) DOC is critical to our district due to the potential loss of 3,600 students.  This would result in layoffs and the closure of schools, which hurts our students, community, and us.  There is an opportunity to write a new bill in January or perhaps get DOC in the Governor’s Budget.  I have asked the district to schedule a meeting with those that will be greatly impacted (WVEA, CSEA, Admin, and District personnel) so that we can develop a plan for each scenario as well as organized action. It is better to plan for the worst and hope for the best than to be completely unprepared.  At this time, the assembly members are on break so what can you do?
       A) You can remind them by emailing and posting on social media that District of Choice is important
       B) You can encourage Governor Brown to include it in his budget
       C) You can remind Assembly Woman of District 55, Ling Ling Chang that we need her to fight for WVUSD to save District of Choice
Let’s work together for something greater than ourselves.  It is my sincere hope that we will be celebrating our TRIFECTA in the winner’s circle.  How many wins will we have?
Together we are stronger,
Lisa Peterson   

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