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February, 2017

Dear Reps:

Here are several things for you to know:

Scholarship applications are now available. WVEA Members’ children, stepchildren, and grandchildren who are graduating May or June 2017 and will be pursuing post-secondary education, or who are currently enrolled in higher education and are not a previous recipient. There is no requirement that the student must be a graduate of the Walnut Valley Unified School District in order to apply. Applications are available in hard copy, are being emailed to all reps to share with their members, and will be available to download from the WVEA website.

All members in their first five years of teaching are invited to attend CTA’s New Educator Weekend March 10-12, 2017 in Irvine. Registration is $49. More details can be found on www.ctago.org

In addition, all members may attend the upcoming CTA Good Teaching Conference March 17-19, 2017 in Garden Grove/Anaheim. Registration is $185. Remember that you can request for WVEA to pay for you to attend this, or any other CTA sponsored, conference.

Please let all members know about CTA’s Institute for Teaching. The IFT grant is a resource to support strength-based teacher driven innovation on behalf of students and public schools. The grant is open to individual CTA members, small teams of educators, and affiliated local associations. Applications can be submitted through April 30, 2017. The awards will be announced in June 2017. More details are at www.teacherdrivenchange.org

Seema Bagai
2nd VP (Membership)


WVEA at the Walnut Family Festival

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2017 WVEA Calendar
Association Related
Calendar of Events
March 2017
1 - Wednesday WVEA Exec. Board Meeting
WVUSD School Board Meeting
3-5 Fri-Sun CTA Equity and Human Rights Conf. @ Fairmont Hotel, San Jose

10-11 Fri-Sat

Region 3 Leadership Conf.
15 - Wednesday Rep. Council Meeting
WVUSD School Board Meeting
SC1 Coordinated Bargaining #3 4-6pm
22 - Wednesday WVUSD School Board Meeting
SC1 Council Meeting #3/Coat Awards
April 2017
5 - Wednesday Exec. Board Meeting
WVUSD School Board Meeting
19 - Wednesday Rep. Council Meeting & Scholarship Awards
WVUSD School Board Meeting
May 2017
3 - Wednesday Exec. Board Meeting
WVUSD School Board Meeting
SC1 WHO Awards
10 - Wednesday Rep. Council Meeting & Honor Retirees
11 - Thursday SC1 Coordinated Organizing Meeting #9 4-5:30pm Monrovia
17 - Wednesday WVUSD School Board Meeting
18 - Thursday SC1 NEA/RA Orientation. 4-5:30pm Ontario RCC
24 - Wednesday SC1 Council Meeting #4
June 2017
7 - Wednesday Exec. Board Meeting
WVUSD School Board Meeting
14 - Wednesday Exec. Board Meeting
21 - Wednesday Exec. Board Meeting
WVUSD School Board Meeting
28 - Wednesday Exec. Board Meeting
April Meeting Date
Date: April 19
Time: 3:45pm
Place: Holiday Inn
21725 E. Gateway Center Dr.,
D Bar (Located off Golden Springs,
between Grand and Brea Canyon Rd.)
Get Directions (Google Maps)

Special Pre-Conference:
Retirement Savings Made Easy

Register: www.ctago.org
Questions: 650-552-5200

This is a special one day pre-conference workshop that is FREE to current CTA members with the approval of the chapter president Lisa Peterson (626-253-5628
wvea4u@gmail.com). Release time will be arranged and paid for by CTA for up to three members per chapter.

This one day workshop gives educators the tools to plan for a successful retirement and create in engagement plan to share with local union colleagues.

Conference Dates:
(all sessions are from 10:00AM - 4:00PM)    

Good Teaching Mar.17 Garden Grove

Regular Conference Information

Click here to download conference documentation and application

Click here to go to the CTA Conference page.


Good Teaching Mar.17- 19 Garden Grove
WVEA Headquarters
20471 E. Valley Blvd.
Walnut, CA.  91789
(909) 468-5809
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