Congratulations to the new WVEA Executive Board, elected May 3, 2018!
President – Lisa Peterson
1st Vice President – Gary Imai
2nd Vice President – Seema Bagai
Treasurer – Scott Jones
Secretary – Pam Booth

FYI - Timeline for Check Distribution
  • 0.45% on schedule will be reflected on your April 1st paycheck.You will receive a retro check for July 1- Feb. 28 (7 months). The retro check will be available before school is out for the summer.
  • 2.27% one time bonus will be available before school is out for the summer. The 2.27% will be based off the salary schedule that includes the .45% increase.
  • Both retro checks will be paper checks that will need to be picked up. We will have exact dates as it gets closer to the checks being cut.
  • 1.55% on schedule will be retro to July 1 but we will not see that retro check until we come back to school in Aug.
  • People that retire this year will have their Aug. retro check mailed to them.
  • People who resigned or retired before this school year ended will also receive a retro check for the time they worked for the district. It will be mailed to them.
  • Please make sure the district has your correct home address. Many W2 forms have been sent back to the district. If you know people that have moved, retired this year, or resigned this year please let them know to contact the district with their correct address.

    Thank you for your support in making this happen.


    WVEA Negotiating Team
    Salli Collins, Gary Imai, and Lisa Peterson

Walnut Valley Educators’ Association
2018 Scholarship Application
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A Colleague Needs Help

Castle Rock's Kristen Sims is in need of substitute days. You can help by donating one of your sub days to her.

Click here to download the Certificated Catastrophic Leave Form and interdistrict mail it to Paula Dominguez in Human Resources.

WVEA 2017-2018 Adopted Budget
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2017-18 WVEA Calendar
Association Related
Calendar of Events
Wed. - 25 Rep. Council Meeting @ RHA
Scholarship Recognition
Wed. - 23 Rep. Council Meeting @ Diamond Bar Golf Course
Retiree Celebration
Congratulations 2018 Retirees!
Congratulations 2018 WVEA
Scholarship Awardees!

Kori Dalton, Lisa Imai, Patrick Ise, Rachel Lee, Hayden McElroy, Harmeena Sandjhu, Noelle Sorensen, Kenan VanSetten, Ciara Watson, Josiah R. Yim, Nicholas Wong

Walnut Family Festival 2017

Know Your Contract
Gary Imai's Presentation: (Mar.)
Know Your Workday Obligations
(Article 4)
Refer to this for contract language
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WVEA Headquarters
20471 E. Valley Blvd.
Walnut, CA.  91789
(909) 468-5809

WVEA Executive Board

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