Negotiations Update
December 2017
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The following is an update on the first negotiations meeting held on December 6, 2017.
Educator Effectiveness Grant

  • Approximately $1 million to be spent over 2 years (one time per teacher)
  • We had 4 professional days that were offered and you were to choose 2 days to be paid at your daily rate.
  • $350 for every certificated member including new teachers distributed to each school site. (Can pay for hotel and conference)
  • Approximately $517, 131 has been spent from the $1 million
  • We need to spend the remaining money because it is a use it or lose it fund.
  • Ed Services will send out another letter reminding teachers how they can spend it.
  • Must be submitted by April 1, 2018
  • A follow-up meeting to discuss unencumbered money not spent.

Class Size

  • Discussed TK-3 to see if we are on target with GSA agreement.
  • Combo classes are a possibility after looking at current class size numbers at the TK-5 grade levels. (In the future try to avoid combo classes if possible)
  • Discussed the importance of distributing DOC students
  • 6-12 class size-specifically discussed 2 schools that need to be transparent with Master Schedules and informing teachers prior to the last day of school.
  • Received class size distribution of special ed, 504 and EL students
  • Discussed specific school sites that had uneven distribution of students and low/high class sizes. (AP students dropping classes and going into general ed classes)
  • Had a discussion about room capacity vs the number of seats in a room Article 9.4.3
  • Need for EL aide support-District did increase time to 3.75 hours
  • 6 period teaching day (20% stipend-Discussed rotation of teachers and fairness)
  • District will set up a process to look at Master Schedules to see if 6 period classes are needed and if there are other options.


  • Discussed the fair share formula
  • WVEA expressed concerns over the numbers and that we are not able to verify those numbers in the budget reports.
  • The District did add a line that includes the employee increase in supplemental expenses (maintenance) but WVEA does not agree with their calculations.
  • BA + 60 Salary schedule (Column 5 Step 10) WVUSD ranked 27 out of 35 districts in our service center.
  • Discussed 2 comparable districts-received salary increases (Glendora received 8% over two years (open this year) and Bonita received 8.5% over 3 years.
  • Relationship with the District/What our members have done
    • Made changes to our health benefits
    • Prop 55
    • Helped pass the Bond
    • DOC
    • Working to keep the district financially solvent
  • Our members work above-and-beyond as demonstrated in our recognition and high-test scores.
  • Members feel over worked, under paid, unappreciated, frustrated and stressed.
  • District needs to look at teacher welfare and compensation.
  • Discussed the land sale money that has been sitting in specific fund accounts and what is the district intention with the money?  Can it possibly be used to free money in the general fund?
  • When there is a will, there is a way.
  • WVEA is not in agreement with the calculation of the Fair Share Formula.

One-time monies

  • 1.5 million sitting in an account but if we went by the current Fair Share Formula, WVEA members would not receive any of the one-time money because the calculation has WVEA at a deficit.
  • The Governor has given our district $147 per student in one-time monies (about $2 million)
  • The District has not had direct conversation on how the one-time money will be used and not notified by the state regarding when the funds will be distributed..
  • WVEA requested a Demand-to-Consult over the new one-time monies.

Ron Bennett is optimistic about the upcoming Governor’s Budget Proposal in January.



Salli Collins - DBHS
Gary Imai - Chaparral M.S.
Lisa Peterson - Maple Hill

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